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Magisterium in Computer Science and Telecommunications

The central objective is to train professionals for research: all the teaching is organized for this purpose. A large place, in particular, is given over to working in small groups, to the preparation of reports, to preparing presentations and to research placements. The assessment of the course is designed to develop a researcher’s qualities: independence, curiosity, inventiveness, spirit of synthesis, rigour in the scientific process, etc.

This programme is organized around the Magisterium in Computer Science and Telecommunications (MIT): a university diploma issued jointly by the Université de Rennes 1 and the École Normale Supérieure de Rennes. It complements the university’s Master’s Research Degree in Computer Science that the Faculty’s students follow. Most of them logically continue their studies with a PhD in Computer Science.

As (for the moment) there is no Computer Science Agrégation, standard tuition is organized over 3 years. The 4th year may be used to organize additional, à la carte, training. The Department also offers a course that includes preparation for the Mathematics Agrégation exam, with the Computer Science option, in collaboration with the school’s Mathematics Department.

Date of update May 11, 2017