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Computational Optimal Transport

le 6 novembre 2018

16h00 - 18h00

ENS Rennes, Salle du conseil
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Intervention de Bruno Levy, DR Inria (équipe Alice, Nancy), dans le cadre des séminaires du département Informatique et télécommunications.

Séminaire Informatique et télécommunications


I will give an introduction to optimal transport, a mathematical theory that makes it possible to measure distances between functions (or distances between more general objects), to interpolate between objects or to enforce mass/volume conservation in certain computational physics simulations. Optimal transport is a rich scientific domain, with active research communities, both on its theoretical aspects and on more applicative considerations, such as geometry processing and machine learning. This course aims at explaining the main principles behind the theory of optimal transport, introduce the different involved notions, and more importantly, how they relate, to let the reader grasp an intuition of the elegant theory that structures them. After presenting several state-of-the-art algorithms to solve this problem on a computer, I will show some applications in computational physics (fluid simulation and astrophysics).
Formation, Recherche - Valorisation
Luc Bougé

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