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Two admission routes are offered by the Department :

Firstly through the entrance examinations of ENS Rennes where students acquire normalien status and secondly through jury admission and interview without normalien status. All these students, whether or not normalien, follow the same programme. The objective is to balance the two sources of admission in any year’s intake of up to 25 students.

  • Admission in the 1st year is made primarily through the École Normale Supérieure Computer Science competitive entrance exam, open mainly to students of MP (Maths and Physics) grandes écoles preparatory classes. To a lesser extent, the Computing and Telecommunications Faculty receives students through the MP entrance exam (in particular, this exam’s Computer Science option) and the PSI (Physics and Engineering Science) exam. This 1st year intake is supplemented in the 2nd or 3rd years by admission through the Master’s programme (levels M1 or M2) Computer Science entrance exam.

  • Admission to our Magisterium through jury admission and interview is for students having completed at least 2 years of a Bachelor’s Degree (L2) or to students of preparatory classes. The main criterion is personal motivation for a research career in this field. We strongly encourage those people who are keen to benefit from the courses offered at ENS Rennes, but who have not passed the entrance exam, to submit their file. This type of application is very much appreciated, and students who join the Magisterium in this way can then enter the entrance examination for the Master’s programme to become normaliens.

Date of update May 10, 2017