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Discipline(s) : Infomatique et télécommunications

Motion for Animation and Robotics

Nature UE


Marc Christie


The objectives of this module are:
  • to master the key representations of motion (animation curves, direct and inverse kinematics)
  • to know how to model physical, dynamic and behavioral animation, together with related computational techniques
  • to know how to model environments and use planning algorithms in such environments
The module will rely on applications to illustrate different these techniques in robotics and animation
  • pose retargeting (inverse kinematics, with/without dynamics)
  • motion graphs (distance metrics between poses, motion similarity, motion interpolation)





  • Interpolation techniques for positions and orientations
  • Inverse and direct kinematics
  • Physical models for animation
  • Motion capture and motion imitation
  • Representations and algorithms for navigation
  • Planning trajectories and planning tasks
  • Behavioral animation

Mise à jour le 17 juillet 2017