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Discipline(s) : Infomatique et télécommunications

Advanced Cloud Infrastructures

Nature UE


Christine Morin


The objective of the ACI module is to study system services for managing advanced cloud infrastructures. We will focus on the novel distributed cloud infrastructures supporting the new generation of mobile and IoT applications, specifically edge clouds, fog computing and Cloud-based IoT.
Privacy and security are important concerns in distributed cloud computing. After analyzing security and privacy threats in distributed clouds, we will present cutting-edge security monitoring systems for cloud-hosted information systems and systems implementing privacy by design in distributed cloud infrastructures in the context of cloud-based IoT.


Edge cloud, fog computing, IoT, cloud security


Operating system, distributed system, distributed algorithms, cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS)


  1. Introduction to distributed cloud computing and taxonomy of distributed cloud infrastructures
  2. Resource management in distribued cloud infrastructures
  3. Application management in distributed cloud infrastructures
  4. Edge and fog Computing
  5. Cloud-based IoT: smart device management and stream processing
  6. Security and Privacy threats in cloud-based IoT
  7. Security in distributed clouds (infrastructure security services, OS mechanisms, security monitoring)
  8. Privacy-by-design in distributed clouds
  9. Open issues and R&D initiatives in distributed clouds

Learning outcomes

  • Design and implementation of services for distributed cloud infrastructures
  • Integration of security mechanisms and services in distributed cloud infrastructures
  • Research in the area of edge clouds and cloud-IoT

Mise à jour le 17 juillet 2017